About Silver Lake Crochet Co.

What is Silver Lake Crochet Co.?
Silver Lake Crochet Co. is made up of one owner/designer/creator, Krystle.  Krystle comes from a long line of crafty women.  With Silver Lake Crochet Co. she strives to share her passion with others through tutorials and free patterns.  At Silver Lake Crochet Co. we believe that ANYONE can crochet.  It may take some time to perfect your skills, but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Where is Silver Lake?
Silver Lake is right between taking that first sip of morning coffee as you watch the sun come up and the last glimpse of light that you catch as you slowly rock on your porch swing in the cool of the evening.  Silver Lake is somewhere around a big bite of peach cobbler a la mode and the smell of a juicy pot roast just pulled out of the oven.  Silver Lake is that grand place where all of your cares seem to float away on a summer breeze.  Visitors are always welcome here.  Stay as long as you like.